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What makes Patagonia Land, Cattle and their Double gg beef better than what you buy the store?

Our experience. Our family has been purveyors of fine meats for three generations, and we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards of quality and personal service.

Quality Matters

Double gg Ranch prides itself in our ability to consistently produce high quality, USDA Prime beef. Our cattle are raised on open pastures and are never given antibiotics or growth hormones. 

“We proudly offer beef that is raised without the use of antibiotics. We invite you to join our ‘good food’ journey and feel good about what you share with your family”.
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WI to AZ

Born into a beef cattle family in Wisconsin, we took a lifetime of experience to Arizona with its abundant grass lands and mild temperatures.


We started small in 1955 and steadily gained the expertise to create a breeding, grazing and finishing process which is intentional at every step of beef production.

USDA Prime

Our unique, comprehensive 
approach ensures that the all 
our beef is, USDA Prime, Dry-Aged Beef that arrives at your door with the best quality and most amazing flavor available.


Have you ever eaten a home garden grown tomato compared to store bought? Then you know what a difference home grown beef can be.

Double gg Ranch 
Patagonia, AZ
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‘‘ High quality, USDA Prime beef. Organically raised on open pastures. No antibiotics. No growth hormones ’’.

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